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All the Tired Horses

by The Earth is a Man + Tim Heidecker

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"During the last few weeks I have been traveling around the USA doing press and holding screenings for B$M movie. I was sitting around in my hotel in Austin, reading this article about the new Dylan covers CD called “Chimes of Freedom.” I had some spare time and thought it’d be fun to try and make my own Dylan cover on my laptop and post that I was angry Amnesty International cut mine from the record.

I chose the first song from “Self Portrait” and started working on it on my laptop and was having a good go at it, but I felt I could do a better job if I was back home in my studio…

When I got to Chicago, I thought, “I bet there’s a nice guy out there who’s a fan who’s got a studio…. I’ve got a Saturday off, I’ll post something on twitter and see if anyone’s game to do a little recording with me.” sure enough a great group of dudes answered my call, and on Saturday afternoon I headed out to Wicker Park to build the tracks for this song.

These young gents couldn’t have been nicer and more eager to record… By the way, their band is called The Earth is a Man

I hope you enjoy it! I don’t really know why I did it!!
Donate to Amnesty International Today!" - Tim

We were honored and real, real excited to be a part of this collaboration - serendipitously (randomly) brought about by the magic of social media. Tim, Bob Dylan, Dobis PR, Amnesty International, Bob Moog, Anamanaguchi, Thrill Jockey, and Ron Tubman are all glorious individuals and/or organizations.

Stay tuned for more updates from this camp soon, and for numerous genius updates from Tim and Eric in numerous media (everywhere you go [forever]).


released February 20, 2012
Composed by Bob Dylan

Tim Heidecker - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Maxwell Allison - Bass, Drone
Paul Birhanu - Drums
Doug Kaplan - Guitar, Drone, Synth
Zach Robinson - Guitar

ft. Aeron Small - Guitar, Synth

Produced by Doug Kaplan
Engineered by Aeron Small
Mixed by Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small

Recorded at Tiger Mountain Studios




The Earth is a Man Chicago, Illinois

The Earth is a Man is an instrumental rock band from Chicago, IL.

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